Color Wonder Hooray for Spring! (Now Available)

Spring into this inventively visual experience that allows readers to mix and match the colors of vibrant flowers right before their eyes. Turn the wheels to create and change the bold colors of spring in this deceptively simple and thoughtfully layered novelty book that teaches the joy and wonder of color.  Look for Winter Is Here! available October 2017.



123 Go!

123 Go! ( Available 2018)

Vehicle-loving toddlers can learn their numbers, 1―10, with this gorgeously detailed novelty board book that includes a clever fun-to-slide element.  With an interactive track on every number, kids will love to learn and play with trucks, trains, and more as they count higher and higher.  


Away We Go!  A Shape and Seek Book

Filled with planes, trains, and automobiles, AWAY WE GO! teaches basic shapes through bold designs and inventive die-cuts on every page.

Triangles become sailboats and hearts become airplanes as each spread reveals a different mode of transportation made from bright colors and geometric shapes.  The creative challenge of this board book is to find the vehicles in the shapes and to find the shapes in the vehicles.

With special search-and-find shape-based games throughout, children will love learning and searching for basic shapes in this clever collection of things that go!

“Urban demonstrates the remarkable versatility of shapes, using them to create an array of vehicles... readers will finish this book with a good sense of both shapes and methods of transportation.”  - Publishers Weekly


Raindrops: A Shower of Colors

This very simple, beautiful, and innovative concept book shows children how primary colors magically blend to create secondary ones. Die-cut raindrops with a see-through shaded acetate appear throughout; when the acetates are layered on top of each other, a new color emerges! So it’s easy to see—and understand—how blue and red make purple; red and yellow make orange; blue and yellow make green . . . and how, all together, they create a gorgeous rainbow!

The delightful art showcases a cute and cuddly-looking group of animals trying to escape the rain—and each one has an adorable accessory, be it a pinwheel, fancy hat, or bright umbrella.

“This cheery book uses animals to show how blending colors creates new ones... overall, it's a visual winning effect.”  
-  Publishers Weekly